Rental Terms

At least 24 hours. For longer rentals, the rental period at least 30 days.

Security conditions:
The / The mietende vehicle (s) is / are kaskoversichert and this is included in the rental price. Excluded from this, the loss of wheel rims and the Zerspaltung the wheels.

License and minimum age of the driver:
Persons aged 21 years and over with at least one year can license rental vehicles in categories A, B, C, D, E and F rent.
Rental cars of group G, K, P and S, persons with at least two years of driving licenses and age 27 years and above must be rented

A second rider:
So besides the vehicle anmietenden person, a second person is more or leased vehicle can travel, the details of the driver's license of the second set in the lease contract. This performance is against a surcharge. In the event that the license details of the second driver in the rental contract is not settled, lose all insurance companies in an accident their validity. In such a case, is liable for the resulting physical and intangible costs and damage to Dritt-Personen the tenant and second rider individually and / or collectively.

Over and return conditions:
For delivery and return of rental vehicles to / from customers in areas of the city center and in the cities in which Levson Rent A Car an agency has no cost basis. In cities / towns where Levson Rent A Car no agency has the benefits delivery and return of rental vehicles to / from customers a fee. Where the surrender of the rental car over 3 hours, a daily rental basis.

Cancellation and Non-Show-Bedingungen:
With cancellations up to 3-Werktagen before the reserved Anmietzeitpunkt be 50, - € charged, or if the rental without Levson Rent A Car to inform service, the full rental amount billed. With cancellations up to 24 are fees in the amount of 70, - €.

Take the rental car abroad:
To the rental car abroad with them, it is necessary to have a permission slip to do so.

Fines / crime:
The lessee shall be liable for all, while the lease with the motor vehicle perpetrated traffic and misdemeanor offenses, and even caused damage to the vehicle. Because Verwahrnahme of the rental car by authorities and regional departments will vergehende duration of the lease account.

Important Message / Customer Service:
For all of the leased vehicle insurance required in the event of an accident, their validity, in case of accidents, the leased vehicle from the accident site to move and not delay the agency's Levson Rent A Car's notice. From the police or gendarmerie department report on the accident and alcohol, to be identified. It is assumed that the accident was not a result of alcohol or drug-related driving is created, otherwise the lessee shall be liable for any resulting damage, and for all tangible and intangible damage to Dritt-Personen.

In the case of theft, the nearest police or gendarmerie station with ease. In addition, the company Levson Rent A Car immediately in the event of an accident and theft of information. Phone the company Levson Rent A Car: 0090 532 727 36 14